Write Copy Like a Pro, Even When You Feel Like a Zombie

You can't wait for inspiration to strike, you just need to write

Before I started copywriting, I believed in the myth of the starving artist writer. I thought you had to wait in agony for an idea to peak, like a surfer waiting for a wave on a glassy sea. When that rare crest of inspiration came your way, then you must ride it for dear life, lest it be your last!

Then I became a copywriter. Writing was now my job- I had to show up and provide my copywriting services every single day, if I wanted to keep putting food on the table.

It didn’t matter if I woke up with brainpower of the walking dead, I had to write anyway and that writing had to sing for its supper. If it didn’t get results, I was out of a job and the cupboard stayed bare.

I quickly realised that while those bursts of creative inspiration are rare and real, you can’t rely on them to be a good writer.

All you need to rely on showing up and getting some solid systems in place.

That’s why every single professional copywriter has their go-to copywriting formulas.

I’m sure you’ve heard of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution) right?

Copywriters use them because they work.

A good copywriting formula cuts through the information overload, the waffle and the guesswork - straight to the heart of what matters to your customer.

The result? Ideas and words that customers connect with, and want to act on.

My own go-to formula has served me faithfully for over a decade. I’ve used it to write 100,000s of words of web copy, emails, white papers, video scripts - you name it.

And now, I’d love to share it with you in an editable worksheet that easy on the eye. These 5-steps will easily cut your writing time in half and deliver far more powerful results.

Even if you don’t write for a living or consider yourself creative at all. The formula does the heavy lifting.

To get the worksheet, sign up on the right. Or, read more at: http://www.inkspiller.co.uk/5-steps

P.S. As Hemingway said "the first draft of anything is shit". Accept that and keep writing, keep moving and don’t quit.

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