Aunty Aminata in Sierra Leone - Our Kiva Entrepreneur for July

‘Aunty’ Aminata, as she is affectionately known in her village of Makeh, Sierra Leone, is an outstanding entrepreneur and businesswoman who supports a family of six.

She believes business is an important way for women to become empowered in the community, and is a successful farmer, landowner, village elder who also runs a trading business in the off-season.

While international coverage and the acute danger of the Ebola has faded, survivors are still rebuilding and trying to recover from the economic damage done.

In Aminata’s community many women lost their savings and businesses during the crisis, and have no way to rebuild.

However, determined Aminata has mobilised a group of these women, ‘Aunty Aminata’s Surivors’ to request a loan from Kiva, the organisation we use to make our monthly ‘loans that change lives.’

She is both organising and mentoring them so that they can rebuild their livelihoods while increasing food production in the community.

The organisation that facilitates this loan are a little different to the others we’ve worked with, as it does not provide the recipients with money.

Instead, Mountain Lion Agriculture works to help smallholder rice farmers in Sierra Leone grow and succeed by providing 0% loans in the form of quality seeds. In addition, it supports them throughout the production process before buying their entire rice crop at a fair price and transporting it to be milled.

This innovative in-kind loan to these exceptional women will allow them to start rebuilding their lives and their community after Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis.

We are delighted to help Aminata and her group, and wish them all the luck in the world with their crop. If you feel similarly inspired by their story, you can contribute here.

About the Author: Alice Perry

Alice Perry

Alice is Inkspiller’s project manager. She oversees all that we do, and thinks there is no task that can’t be improved by the making of a bulleted list.

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