Write Your Homepage In Just Half An Hour

How to write your homepage

In a world where you’ve got seconds to make a great first impression, potential clients need to ‘get’ what you have to offer – and quickly.

It’s like legendary film producer, Sam Goldwyn, put it;

If you can’t write your idea for a movie on the back of a business card, you ain’t got a movie.”

And so it is with your homepage.

Its job is to instantly show the right clients how you can help them and pull them further into your website, your work and your world.

So what do you put on your homepage?

You need a tiny (but mighty) homepage sentence that sums up who you are, how you help and inspires the right clients to delve deeper.

Grab this handy free cheatsheet and I’ll show you how to write yours.

It should take you 20-30 minutes, tops. Of course, this isn’t the right homepage strategy for everyone. If you have a creative business then you may be better off using clever imagery, video or intriguing questions instead.

Shops or product-based businesses will also get better results by showcasing their bestsellers or most attractive offers.

And if you have a high-traffic site, you should personalise the experience so that every unique visitor sees a homepage that’s tailored for them.

The creative options are endless.

However, in these days of tiny attention spans, everyone should still be able to explain what they do in a few words, in a way that inspires people to act.

So head on over to Ink Academy on Teachable where you can put together your sentence, either by following the steps as an online course or by grabbing the printable worksheet.

Here’s a lightning quick run down of how you’ll put your sentence together:


Can you describe what you do in terms an intelligent 5 year old would understand?


Who are you in the world to serve?


What problems are they looking to overcome, and how do you help them with that quest?

(I’ve added a whopping quantity of suggested prompts to help with this question over at Ink Academy)


Once your customer has worked with you, what are they able to do?

Answering this question will help you pinpoint what your customer really cares about.


You’re almost there!

Why does what you’re doing matter? How is the world different (and better!) now you’ve come along?


It’s time to put it all together by taking your answers and assembling them into your mighty sentence.


Now you’ve got a sentence that describes what you do in a way your customer will want to act on, start using it!

Give it pride of place on your website and social profiles.

And don’t forget to invite people to connect further with a clickable call to action at the end.

Five Examples We Love…

Here in no particular order are some great examples of pithy homepage sentences that hit the spot.

There are another five waiting for you at Ink Academy if you want more inspiration.

1) “Sarah Leather is a Success Strategist who helps women to reinvent themselves and create the business of their dreams while also having a life.

2) “You want to remove unwanted hair, blemishes or tattoos and feel better in your own skin. You need treatment you can trust to really work. The Salisbury Laser Clinic is run by NHS consultants, doctors and nurses, using some of the best lasers in the world, so you can expect to see better results in fewer appointments..” - Salisbury Laser Clinic

3) “We are a digital agency with a product mindset. Problem solvers, makers and doers. Our way of working helps clients create world class experiences, get ahead and stay there.” - Code Computerlove

4) “I’m a writer, coach and mentor. I work with people who want to reclaim their delight in writing, to find their way back to a creative life.” - Abigail Webber**

5) Slack is where work flows. It’s where the people you need, the information you share and the tools you use, come together to get things done.

Still feeling a little stuck? Book a Brain Blitz and we’ll carefully craft it together.

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About the Author: Anna McLoughlin

Anna McLoughlin, Copywriter

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