Three Steps To KonMari Your Marketing Message

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed there’s an unlikely craze sweeping the nation, nay the world, at the moment.

Maybe it’s the time of year - January is a time when we all get that urge to usher out the old and start afresh, isn’t it? The temptation to tear it all down and start again can be overwhelming at times.

Whatever the reason, Japanese decluttering goddess Marie Kondo and her ‘KonMari’ method for getting organised is seriously hot stuff.

Most surprisingly of all, describing tidying our bedrooms as a ‘life changing adventure’ doesn’t seem remotely ridiculous coming from her.

Distilled down to its most basic message, KonMari says we should only keep things in our lives that ‘spark joy.’

It’s not just books (Although Marie, we’ve got to disagree with you on that one, keeping only 30 books and locking them away in a cupboard is just never going to happen here…), clothes and other material possessions we should be applying this ethos to though.

A good marketing message is one that’s reviewed, finessed and held under the spark joy microscope regularly.

In the video above, Anna runs through 3 step to give yours the KonMari treatment and ensure the way you’re talking about yourself and your business are up to date and on point.

1) Google Yourself

It can feel a bit cringe, but as with most such things you’ve got to just grit your teeth and do it.

If you’re not sticking your business’s name (and your own while you’re at it, hey, knock yourself out) into Google on a regular basis, chances are there’s old and outdated information popping up.

Not ideal when the first thing your potential new client is going to do is that very same search. So get in and change all that you possibly can to reflect your business as it is today.

Does that search result make you proud?

Is it a message that sparks joy in you?

2) Ask Your Clients

It shouldn’t be shocking to hear that your marketing message really isn’t about you.

It’s about your customer.

Does your perfect client see themselves in your message, do they relate to it, or are they struggling even to understand what you’re all about?

If you don’t know the answer, ask them!

Does your message spark joy in your clients?

3) Make It Visible

A key part of the KonMari philosophy is that it’s important to see and enjoy your cherished things, not hide them away in cluttered drawers randomly stuffed with blu tac and kinder egg toys.

And so it is with your marketing message; if you want it to be effective, people need to be able to see it.

Is it front and centre on your website?

Is it consistent across your social channels?

Does everyone in your organisation understand it?

If you’re able to answer a resounding ‘yes’ to all of the questions above, then congratulations friend, you’ve KonMari’d your business!

But if not, don’t despair. We’d love to help you start the year by tidying up your messaging.

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos - every week or thereabouts - on how to bottle your brilliance, and feel free to get in touch if there’s something specific you’d like Anna to cover.

P.S. Extra tip - YouTube videos always pop up pretty high in Google so when you’ve refreshed your message, go film a video with your name/company name in the title introducing yourself, the problems you solve and outcomes you deliver. It will help potential clients get to know, like and trust you more easily and make them much more likely to get in touch.

About the Author: Alice Perry

Alice Perry

Alice is Inkspiller’s project manager. She oversees all that we do, and thinks there is no task that can’t be improved by the making of a bulleted list.

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