Wrestling with a creative conundrum? Bring it on.

Having worked with hundreds of people, I know how hard it is to unlock answers when you’re so close to what you do.

I know how tough it can be to untangle your complex ideas.

I know what it’s like when something feels off, but you’re not sure what it is.

If you’re going round in circles with a problem, why don’t you let me solve it in a rapid fire session?

Previous clients have tripled their income, changed their entire business model and let go of marketing tactics that weren’t working thanks to the clarity our Brain Blitz gave them. Epiphanies guaranteed.

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Brain Blitz

What creative conundrums do you need to crack?

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You’re not sure how to describe what you do and why it matters?

I’ll work with you to extract the right words and messages from your brain and get them onto the page.


You need to know what’s not working in your copy and how to fix it?

It’s easy to develop blind spots when you’ve been writing for hours - I’ll pinpoint the issues in minutes.


You want a few simple tweaks, tricks and hacks to convert more customers?

With 15 years copywriting experience I have tried and tested techniques galore to share with you.


You’re struggling to hone your ideas into magnetic headlines?

Explain the offer and I’ll work with you to sum it up in just a few attention-grabbing, irresistible words.


You don’t know which brand name to choose or which product feature to lead with?

I’ll help you pitch your offering so you get more clicks and far fewer click-on-bys.

Are you ready to get started?

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Book a 90-minute session

Book an hour’s session with me, answer a few initial questions and I’ll blitz your problem with my expert creative eye and honest but constructive advice - saving you hours and hours of work and leaving you with a clear direction for moving forward.

The cost is just £149 and you can book it right here:

Brain Blitz

Realise your potential, help them realise theirs

It’s our mission to see brilliant people reach their potential, so every month we give an entrepreneur in the developing world a business loan via Kiva.org

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