If you confuse people, you lose people

You’ve put in all the blood, sweat and tears it takes to create a game changing service and build an innovative business.

You understand your industry inside out. You see every nuance. You probably know too much.

Because when it comes to writing web copy, you need to be able to see your business as your ideal customer sees it. But the more you know, the harder it is to do that.

Research shows, time and time again, that you have seconds to make an impression and if you confuse people … you lose people.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We’ll work with you to bottle your brilliance into copy that your customers connect with, and can’t help but act on.

Pen to Ear

This is how we do it: Web copywriting process


Step 1

We scope your objectives. You bombard us with your notes, your presentations, your thoughts, the lot.

Idea brain

Step 2

We workshop and brainstorm. If you simply need a case study or short article writing, this might be a 10 minute Skype call. The purpose of this is to get clear on your point of view, your products, services and customers.


Step 3

We distil everything down to the core idea and messaging your customer will connect with and want to act on. The fewer words we have, the more people will read so we cut through the unnecessary detail with flair - keeping it tight but full of personality.


Step 4

We craft the copy in a way that makes both you and your customer the heroes and moves them towards to the next step – requesting a quote, picking up the phone or giving their email address, as appropriate.


Step 5

Yes, it’s a cliché but great work is always a collaboration. We work closely with you, your design and marketing team and refine every page together over 3 versions.

There’s always one more final tweak before the words are out there in the world.

Featured Case Study


Tech start-up Innometrics have created a mind-blowing technology platform that solves many problems for marketers. We captured its value in easy-to-grasp and memorable messaging. The result? Innometrics attracted $5million investment, grew by 300% and has been adopted by 50 major brands.

“I heard someone in the office say today – ‘our messaging used to suck and then we got these people in the UK to write it all for us and now it’s great’. I’m all for sharing the glory but it would be nice if you left me a little!”

Photo of Andy Walker

Andy Walker, Managing Director, Innometrics


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