Anna is an Elevate Coach!

Massive news - I’ve been chosen as a coach for the incredible Gemma Went’s Elevate Mastermind, the 12 month business incubator that creates success at every level.

It’s a huge honour and I’m so excited to get stuck in with my new squad.

In the video above, Gemma and I chat about how her frameworks have helped Inkspiller grow, before going on to discuss the phenomenal things that happen when your brand message is perfectly aligned with your authentic self.

Head over to Gemma’s site to learn more about Elevate.

About the Author: Anna McLoughlin

Anna McLoughlin, Copywriter

Anna is Director of Inkspiller. An incurably curious writer and brand strategist, she has made it her life's mission to truly see others, then reflect their brilliance back out to the world.

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