The hardest story to tell, is your own

Having worked with over 100 agencies (micro, mid-sized + mega) since 2004, I can categorically say they are all different from one another - and all of them struggled to express why.

It’s easy to do it for clients. But teeth-pullingly hard to do for yourself. The closer you are to it, the harder it is to explain what makes your agency unique. It’s even harder to put that in words that make clients buy.

But in this attention-deficient world, your dreams depend on it.

That’s why we’ve developed proven methods to help you cut through the noise, stand out from the pack and build a thriving agency.

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I’m Anna McLoughlin, an award-winning copywriter and strategist.

My mission is to extract and distil that special something only you have and then express it in ways your customers connect with and act on. I call this process “bottling your brilliance” and it’s the reason Inkspiller exists.

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How we can work together

From nailing your positioning to developing authority-driven copy, case studies and content marketing - my unique process gets your authentic message clear, compelling and on-point faster so you can build more fun, fame and fortune for your agency.

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My background

Over the past 18 years, I’ve worked with amazing agencies of all shapes and sizes, first as a freelance copywriter, then as a content partner and now as an agency positioning specialist. This has given me a privileged behind-the-scenes understanding of what makes each one unique and how to express this in a way clients just ‘get’.

I am fascinated by the science of human behaviour. My degree was in Sociology and I recently completed a diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy – the study of the psyche and personality. I avidly research behavioural psychology and conversion strategies. But in my view, nothing beats the art of storytelling for engaging people.

As for my story? Since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed with wrangling ideas into words and weaving stories people connect with. Now it’s my mission to help my clients do the same.

You can get to know me more (and see if you think we’d be a good fit) on LinkedIn.

A portfolio I'm proud of

I’ve helped 100’s of businesses gain clarity, boost growth and convert countless clients.

Customer Stories

“We were all impressed with your work – it’s fantastic.”

Darren Fell

- Darren Fell – Founder, Crunch Accounting


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