T'aint What You Do. It's The Way That You Do It.

Bottling your brilliance and differentiating your business isn’t just about what you do or why you do it. It’s also about HOW you do it.

The unique way that you work with clients can be one of your biggest selling points. But it’s also one of the trickiest things to articulate.

Often that’s because it boils down to a sense of personal chemistry or a feeling of ‘being on the same page’.

These things are difficult to quantify but they’re some of the biggest reasons your clients stay loyal to you and recommend you to others.

For example, we work with a lot of different digital agencies that offer the same service but deliver it in very different ways:

-> Some are deliberately small and collaborative, others pull together large teams of specialists.

-> Some rely heavily on scientific processes, others on rigorous project management.

-> Some are driven by tech, others by creativity.

Often they’re not aware that they’re doing anything differently or in a way that’s unique to them because they take it for granted.

Sound familiar? It’s often the things that come most naturally to us that are our superpowers.

If you’re unsure of your ‘HOW’ then try answering these questions

1.How do you like working with clients?

2.How do you make their job easier?

3.What’s the most common bit of feedback you get on the way you work?

4.What proven processes or frameworks do you follow?

5.What’s unique about your approach?

Once you have narrowed down on your uniqueness, see if you can amplify this in your sales and marketing:

Can you brand your frameworks and make them a ‘thing’?

Can change your operating procedures to reflect your approach?

Can you collect more testimonials and case studies that talk about this?

All of these things will strengthen your brand, sharpen your edge and help attract more likeminded clients you’ll enjoy working with.

But HOW you work is just one storyline in your brand narrative. It’s just one of the reasons clients choose to work with you.

The magic of messaging comes when you’re able to weave all of your storylines together into one dazzling sentence.

Or, in other words, when you bottle your brilliance.

If you’d like help doing so, please feel free to drop me a line.

About the Author: Anna McLoughlin

Anna McLoughlin, Copywriter

Anna is Director of Inkspiller. An incurably curious writer and brand strategist, she has made it her life's mission to truly see others, then reflect their brilliance back out to the world.

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