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When you find yourself going around in circles on a new site or sales deck, it’s probably not that you don’t have enough to say – it’s that there’s too much.

And this is a problem.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your services are if your clients don’t ‘get’ it - and quickly.

This is where I can help you - whether it’s with stronger positioning, summing up your value in a few words or web copy that actually converts to leads.

Love for your brand

Designed to crack common problems:

Speech bubble

Your agency has evolved beyond recognition - but your site hasn’t

I’ll create everything you need to be up and running – messaging strategy, brand personality, web copy, flagship case studies and content, along with plenty of proof.

Pin point

Your team are super smart and strategic - but there’s no time for marketing

My proven process gets the expertise out of their heads quickly and painlessly (and dare I say, pleasantly) which I then distill into valuable IP and content you can use to grow leads.

What matters

You want it done yesterday but you want it done well

Working with expert teams and writing every day for 20+ years means I can cut straight to the core of a problem, the essence of a brand and the heart of compelling sales messaging.

How the process works

The process starts with:

The Brilliance Blueprint – a fun workshop and your strategy for becoming a go-to brand. You do this first, then apply the cost to the Accelerator. The Blueprint process will pinpoint exactly what we need to create.

It ends with:

You receiving all the content you need to leap forward. Done within three weeks. Written in your brand voice. Showcasing your expertise. Authority driven. Delivered. Ready to use.

Up your game – immediately

The Brilliance Accelerator process is all about putting your Blueprint into action fast. I live and breathe your business and your copy for weeks, with regular check-ins to keep it on point.

At the end of the three weeks, you will have all of the copy and assets you need to unify your team and attract new ideal clients with a core message and proof to back it up.

The outputs of the process will be unique for every agency, but can include:

Your brand positioning and tagline:

What you do, how you do it, who you do it for and why it matters in one core idea expressed in a sticky, stand-out tagline anyone can understand. Short bios for social media and marketing, along with a longer version for your site, pitches and proposals.

Your brand personality:

A clear definition of your brand values and personality attributes that express what you sound like and how you act. This can come with simple guidelines that will guide future branding decisions and content.

Your services, process and expertise – explained:

Clear web copy and content that outlines your services and processes in a way that you can own, that your clients connect with and buy into. This will be backed up by plenty of proof we gather during the process.

Your flagship case studies and thought leadership:

Feed the content machine with must-read case studies, articles and evergreen pieces you can use to drive leads and showcase your points of view and experience – on repeat.

Plus, plenty more:

Landing pages, newsletters, sales pages, video scripts, proposals, email pitches, LinkedIn posts, whatever you need.

Is this a good fit for you?

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Investment for the Brilliance Accelerator:

The cost is £4500, plus VAT. This includes the Blueprint process, your positioning strategy, brand voice, key messages and key pieces of content – web copy, case studies and content marketing – whatever you need to express your brilliance.

Why work with me?

I have 20 years of experience as a copywriter and messaging strategist, delivering on-point work to tight deadlines. I’ve helped hundreds of clients nail their message, not only award-winning agencies but also giants like Facebook. I specialise in taking huge amounts of information, pulling out the patterns and distilling them into tangible, catchy ideas and copy. The result: more clarity, more sales and more freedom to pick your projects, your prices and live your purpose.

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