What's so special about you?

It’s a tough one to answer, and it’s probably a rich combination of many different things.

So how do you sum that up in a few words? And words that actually sound like you and unlike every other agency out there?

No wonder everyone struggles with this!

But get it right, and the results of all your outreach, LinkedIn posts, pitches and conversations are magnified.


See what's missing in your message

We always start by getting to the root of your positioning, messaging and content issues.

By digging deep into the problem, we can uncover what actually makes your agency unique and what’s getting in the way of you telling that story.

We do this with a low-cost, high-value strategic workshop designed to extract the gold from your brains.

Using creative exercises and conversation, we’ll explore:

  • Your current positioning, copy and marketing
  • Your ideal client personas
  • Your offers, pricing and service
  • Your point of view and most ownable ideas
  • Your agency archetype mix

By the end of the process, you’ll have more clarity on what works, what doesn’t and why your agency is unique.

Blueprint workshop
Chris Plummer

” I really enjoyed the bottle your brilliance process, the sessions were interesting and challenging, they always left me very upbeat. The work you have delivered has been amazing, the content of course, but more importantly you’ve made me change the way I think about how I position myself, where my focus should be, and where the value lies.”

Chris Plummer, Freestyle

What do we get out of it?

Following a workshop, you’ll receive a blueprint that sums up your difference, the space you can own and how to talk about it in a way your ideal clients will connect with.

It’s only £500 ex VAT. And you can implement this yourself or have it actioned fast by applying the cost to a Brilliance Accelerator.

Is this the right fit for you?

Book a short 15-minute call and you can see if the Brilliance Blueprint is a right fit for your agency.

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Kirsty Wick

What a difference an afternoon makes. The workshop with Anna lifted a huge weight off my shoulders which I didn’t even realise I was carrying.

Kirsty Wick, Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

This is designed for small to medium-sized agencies, from 1 to 50 people. This is because the unique expertise, approach, point of view and personality of a smaller agency’s leadership team is typically what makes clients want to work with you. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to see this clearly for yourself.

Large agencies will need a different approach. If this is you, please book a call to discuss your challenge and if I might be able to help bottle your brilliance. Having worked with 300-person agencies – not to mention global enterprises with 16,000 employees – I can work with your stakeholders to design a bespoke brand messaging and content strategy.

I’ve seen it time and time again; the money is in the message. Without the right positioning, you can throw a tonne of budget at marketing, but people won’t bite. With the right positioning - and copy that articulates this the right way – the results of all your marketing are magnified. It’s an investment that will repay itself over and over.

It’s priced at £500.00, plus VAT. This includes the deep dive workshop and follow-up Blueprint. The cost can be applied to the full Brilliance Accelerator package if you need support putting the strategy into action.

You can book your Blueprint here: https://calendly.com/inkspiller/brilliance-blueprint

Stop going around in circles with messaging

Easily bottle your brilliance in copy, proposals and pitches.

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“Anna is an awesome messaging supremo who will help you to zone into your true message and create something so powerful that connecting and selling to your people will become the most natural thing in the world.”

Gemma Went

Gemma Went, Digital Strategist and Business Mentor

“I highly recommend your services as a Marketing Message Mentor- my website is now covered with your brilliance!”

Sarah Leather

Sarah Leather, Success Strategist


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