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Distil your essence

Figure Out Who You Are. Do It On Purpose.

In 2015, I decided to really niche down from general copywriter to brand messaging specialist.

In doing so, I thought it would be a great idea to ditch the Inkspiller brand and rebrand as Distillo - because of my ‘distilling’ process, get it?

As a branding geek, I just wanted a new brand to play with - I even had a whole identity...

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Anna McLoughlin

How to Get A Gold Dust Testimonial in Two Minutes [Free Template]

Years and years ago I shared scripts to trigger a “Tidalwave of Testimonials” by asking clients for their valuable feedback.

Seven years on and testimonials are still very much worth their weight in gold. But getting them can be tricky. Our clients are busy; they may not know what to say and put on the spot.

So what can we do to...

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Magic Words That Print Money

When did you last ask someone to buy from you?

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many B2B businesses neglect to do this.

Many people post daily on social media but don’t see the return on investment on their time in terms of sales. Simply because they never ask for the business.

While I’m not a social media...

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How to write your About page

Seven Things You Must Share On Your About Page

As a service-based business, your About page is the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write.

One look at your Google Analytics will show you that this is one of the most-visited pages on your website.

That’s because, at the earliest stages of the customer journey, potential clients head straight there to see whether you’re...

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You Can't Read The Label From Inside The Jar: A Simple Way To Test Your Message

Take a look at your website homepage.

Does it really bottle your brilliance?

A simple way to tell is to imagine stripping away your branding, so you’re simply left with your web copy.

Picture your website pared down to just that small amount of text.

Would potential clients still recognise that it was you speaking,...

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Invest in Women - Use Your Balance For Better.

It’s International Women’s Day today, and Kiva, the platform we use to make ‘loans that change lives’ have been celebrating by rallying to fund 10,000 women entrepreneurs in one week.

That’s not all though - generous match...

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Bottle Your Brilliance. Get More Clients

The sad fact about designers, copywriters and creatives is that we’re not always that good at doing for ourselves what we do so well for our clients.

We’re especially guilty of neglecting our own websites. We procrastinate about improving them - for months or even years - then rush and bang something out that’s full of industry...

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T'aint What You Do. It's The Way That You Do It.

Bottling your brilliance and differentiating your business isn’t just about what you do or why you do it. It’s also about HOW you do it.

The unique way that you work with clients can be one of your biggest selling points. But it’s also one of the trickiest things to articulate.

Often that’s because it boils down to a sense of...

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Should You Niche Your Brand, Or Not?

In our experience, nobody really wants to pick a niche for their business or brand.

In fact, it’s a topic that seems to get people in a monumental flap.

As an aside, ‘niche’ is also a really weird word to say over and over again, as Anna discovers in the video above! It’s pretty odd to type too…

Whilst we...

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Three Steps To KonMari Your Marketing Message

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed there’s an unlikely craze sweeping the nation, nay the world, at the moment.

Maybe it’s the time of year - January is a time when we all get that urge to usher out the old and start afresh, isn’t it? The temptation to tear it all down and start again can be...

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Why You Need a Why Not, Not Just a Why

If there’s one tip I can people for differentiating your business, it’s this: don’t focus on your service first.

Focus more on your personal mission up-front, then and only then, talk about what you do.

Your mission or ‘why’ is what people buy.

But the funny thing is, people also buy what you’re not, what you won’t do...

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Biodigesters for Belgut - Meet Vincent, Our Kiva Entrepreneur for Summer

We’ve got a confession to make.

We’ve been hopelessly rubbish at taking the time to write about the wonderful people who we make ‘loans that change lives’ to via Kiva.

Never fear, we certainly haven’t neglected to make the loans themselves!

But we’ve slapped ourselves...

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